September, 2018

IDL have recently been developing a new variation to a multi user logistics facility to support ‘last mile’ close to city distribution.

The premise being city locations are tightly constrained physically and expensive to buy – which brings the need to develop & exploit height of buildings to provide facilities to meet developers and users requirements.
The challenge has been to look at how we can create a multi tenanted buildings over multiple floors rather than a flat floor plate situated at ground level. The building construction is load bearing with flexible floor plate division, multiple vertical cores serving pedestrians with vertical slots created for high speed goods lift and pallet lifters. The design harnesses the leaps forward in recent years with intralogistics processes with automated goods racking distribution systems.

 The integrated supply chain utilises advanced technology in managing the distribution and delivery cycle including deliveries from main hubs, incoming palletised goods, interim storage location in the automated facility & outgoing distribution. We have anticipated that the outgoing final distribution cycle is via alternative and sustainable means – drones, electric vans & bicycles. The facility aims to integrate within an existing city fabric, reduce building footprint, increase efficiency in use, reduce energy consumption through utilisation of cutting edge technology. Ultimately to provide an important element of the changing retail marketplace.